Ramakrishna Math
Sri Ramakrishna Math – many donations from ASTI are delivered to this historic mission in India

Welcome to American Service to India


ASTI is a 501 (c)(3) public nonprofit whose primary function is to distribute funding to donor-designated organizations.
It is not a foundation and it does not fund grants, nor does it refer recipient organizations to agencies that might fund them.

We focus your donation funds in three areas:


Thanks to your generous donations ASTI has been able to create programs that bring medical services to those in rural areas.
We are proud that we have been able to setup the Mobile Medical Unit Program, which, helps ensure ongoing medical service to rural areas.


ASTI has been able to setup various educational programs through out India. Some of the programs are:

  • Scholastic fundamentals and prep for advanced studies
  • Vocational and skill training for men and women

supply-01Disaster Relief

ASTI is committed to staying on the cutting edge of current events in India. Thanks to the diligent efforts of our board members and our connection to the community of organizations we have been able to deliver vital disaster relief funds and aids at critical times.