American Service to India works in partnership with programs whose goal is to train men and women born into cycles of illiteracy, disease and other handicaps brought on by extreme poverty. The organizations with which ASTI works implement practical strategies for breaking the cycle of disenfrachisement.

ASTI has observed that the most important ingredients for uplifting those caught in the aforementioned cycle include the establishment of a trusting relationship with dedicated workers along with a strong emphasis on organizational development.

These ingredients create a climate of trust and represent the framework for a partnership that encourages the affected to break out of the cycle of poverty. ASTI supports projects structured to provide economic independence and self-respect to these less fortunate.

ASTI will continue to choose programs that are committed to making a difference by encouraging independence, a healthy family life and the importance of education at all levels of development.

ASTI chooses to work with organizations that produce impressive results and are willing to provide evidence of growth with innovations that continue to provide sustainable results.

For the last three decades, this has been possible largely through the generous support of interested Americans — both individuals and foundations — who share ASTI’s goals and have supported its vision since its inception.