American Service to India

ASTI is a is a unique aid organization in that EVERY PENNY of your donation will reach its designated recipient(s) in India.


ASTI’s Mobile Medical Unit Program (MMUP) helps ensure ongoing medical services to rural areas. ASTI has established MMUPs throughout India in Silchar, Rajahmundry, Trivandrapuram, Puri, Nattarampalli, Karimganj, Porbander, Lucknow and Kankhal. Our model projects, which have received international and national awards, assist populations in creating sustainable economies in villages and remote mountain areas.

  • Thirty endowments for nurses’ training for young women at five teaching hospitals
  • Hospitals and dispensaries in India and Bangladesh receive financial support
  • Mobile Medical Units at eight hospitals and/or dispensaries are guaranteed continued maintenance and/or eventual replacement when ASTI contributed monies for a permanent fund with the understanding that the interest only be used for the above.


ASTI donors provide funds for all academic levels, concentrated in the following four categories:

  • Programs for tribal villagers
  • Training in hygiene and family planning in remote areas
  • Vocational training for women in urban areas
  • Scholarships for economically disadvantaged children
  • Scholastic fundamentals and prep for advanced studies
  • Education in healthcare for villagers
  • Vocational and skill training for men and women
  • Vocational and skill training for the mentally and physically challenged


We have found that the children in orphanages usually have the following in common:
They are intelligent, hard working and serious minded. Given help and the opportunity, many will excel in higher education. Funded institutions include: Arunachalam Trust in Tiruvannamalai, Ramakrishna Mission Students’ Homes in Belgharia, Rahara and Chennai, and Deenabandhu Trust in Bangalore.

Rural Support:

This includes a wide range of projects, such as rebuilding schools and providing deep wells for pure drinking water. Farmers are taught improved agricultural techniques. Smokeless stoves and low-cost latrines help villagers lead a healthier life.

Two-thirds of ASTI’s support comes from generous Indian-American benefactors in the United States. The remaining one-third comes from other Americans sympathetic to India’s problems.

To learn about other aid activities with which we are involved, such as disaster and other relief programs, please explore the rest of our website.