Barbara Piner is honored for service. From left to right: Srinivas Murthy, former treasurer; Bakul Zaveri, treasurer; Barbara Piner, vice-president and William Parmenter, president

Barbara Piner was given a plaque and a bouquet of flowers by the grateful ASTI officers at its Oct. 7, 2017 meeting, honoring her for her long years of dedicated selfless service to the people of India, particularly in the areas of education, medical and disaster relief.

Participating in the award ceremony were: William Parmenter, president; Bakul Zaveri, treasurer and Srinavas Murthy, former treasurer. The plaque inscription read: “Excellence in Leadership. We hereby honor
Barbara Piner for outstanding

performance and dedication to the highest standard of excellence to American Service to India.”

Piner has been a driving personality in ASTI since its formation in the early 1980s. Serving as president and roving goodwill ambassador she went to India to monitor donation recipients and spread good cheer at numerous flood, earthquake and drought sites, to schools and student hospices, rural agricultural projects and home industry endeavors, networking with project leaders and Ramakrisna swamis.

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